Eugene A Go-Go

Open Hack Night

A typical Open Hack Night


Someones robot made of cardboard and electronic sensors.

The welding area

The welding aria and tool bench

The shop frontage.

Come and see.

Eugene Maker Space

Upcoming Showings

  1. Every Tue and Fri from 6:00PM- 9:00PM


Eugene Makerspace is Eugene Oregon's local hackerspace. Our goal is to provide workspace, tools, equipment, and other resources while creating a community of collaboration and hands-on learning. Eugene Maker Space is a registered non profit organization in the state of Oregon.

Anything you want to make with your hands, nothing too simple or too complex. All ages welcome and we encourage youth participation. Many mentors of different skill sets are here to assist others in whatever you can dream up. We can assist with anything from a kids robotic project to technical advice for entrepreneurs to encouraging the kid that enjoys tearing apart every mechanical thing they can get their hands on.

We have everything from welding/metal tools to wood working tools, a 3D printer and have a wealth of computer, electronics and robotics knowledge to share. New tools are always being acquired.

Open Hack (house) night is Tuesday and Friday at 6:00pm to see what is going on. These nights the place is open to everyone with or without a membership.

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Contact Information


  • 687 McKinley Street Suite #2
  • Eugene OR, 97402
  • It is in a commercial workshop second workshop on the right


  • Information: 541-525-0409


At Concentric Sky, we enjoy technology

Web Development in Eugene, Oregon

Concentric Sky architected and developed the Eugene A Go-Go social media platform from the ground up in partnership with the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE) and Asbury Design. Some of the main features that were built for the site, relying on the Python programming language and Django Framework, include social media interface and badges, user moderation controls, automatically generated emails, administrative interfaces, and structured Content Management System.

In addition, Concentric Sky also provides the multi-server, managed hosting environment which includes redundant servers and databases and a nginx-based load balancer complete with celery to help manage a large demand from users.

Asbury Design

Asbury Design designed the Eugene A Go-Go logo and the look of the website in partnership with the Arts and Business Alliance of Eugene (ABAE) and Concentric Sky.

A Eugene-based company, Asbury Design specializes in corporate branding and marketing and has designed dozens of websites for local businesses and organizations. The company is known for their award-winning design and their focus on strategic, hard-working marketing materials. They also offer a complete range of advertising, branding, graphic design and marketing solutions for both print and web.

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